Global Outreach

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

Matthew 28:19

Short-term Missions

We belong to a global family of church-planting churches called AMI. Most of our missions trips are in partnership with other churches that send short-term teams to support these local churches and ministries. Our trips are generally in the summer, but we also have medical missions and urban missions teams that go during different times of the year.

Long-term Missions

If you are interested in seeing God’s global purpose at work and developing a lifestyle in line with God’s mission, consider applying for our AMI 1-year internship. You’ll be placed at a church to serve alongside our long-term full-time missionaries as you discover God’s calling your your life. For more information, please contact our 1-year missions coordinator and visit

Our missionaries

Lin Family

Location: East Asia
Prayer Requests:
1. Raise up more full-time workers/SG leaders
2. Healthy marriages and God-centered families
3. Wisdom and direction as we explore College Ministry

Sato Family

Location: Japan
Prayer Requests:
1. Favor in learning language and culture
2. Meaningful relationships with Japanese locals
3. A supernatural awareness of God’s presence and nearness

One-year interns

For more information about our one-year internships, check out our internship page or follow @going_ami on Instagram.

Alex Wong

Cobán, Guatemala

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Chris Jun

Cobán, Guatemala

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Donald Liang

Cobán, Guatemala

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Isabelle Kwok

Cobán, Guatemala

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How to get involved


If you’d like to receive prayer updates or see how you can pray for our different AMI Church plants and missionaries, please click here.


If you’d like to give towards a short-term missions team member, a missionary we’ve sent out, or towards our general local/global missions funds, please click here.


Currently, STM applications are not available. If you are considering applying for our AMI 1-year internship, please contact Grace Kim for more information on how to apply. Applications are open Oct. 1-Jan 1.

About Grace Kim

1-Year Missions Coordinator

Grace was born and raised in Los Angeles, a city very dear to her heart. She recently moved to San Diego and is working as a Financial Advisor. Before heading off to college, God first shared His heart for the nations with her, which led to an opportunity to serve in the Middle East for one year. During this time, God expanded her knowledge of His love and the meaning of global missions. Grace loves how going on missions is so dynamic and free in the way the Holy Spirit can move. It reminds her that there’s so much more to learn and that life is fun living in the unknown with Jesus. In her free time, she enjoys reading books, arts & crafts, singing, and eating french fries when available.

We believe in a God who transforms lives, revives communities, and renews our world daily.

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