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How do Community Groups work?

We believe that to know others and to be known by others is essential for our church family. Our community groups typically meet on a weeknight in a home around San Diego and have varying focuses - some have bible study, some reflect on the Sunday Sermon. Some explore important questions about the Christian faith, others explore the way the gospel transforms our entire being. We pray for one another, serve together, and seek to love and care for one another as Christ has commanded us. At Kairos, we hope you truly feel a sense of belonging and we hope you will consider joining one of our small groups. If you have any questions, or would like a staff member to help suggest a group for you, please email

Open enrollment is here!
12/27/2020 - 1/10/2021

We have reached full capacity for all of our life groups and have closed our application process. We hope you can join us during our next open enrollment season. Life Groups will be all virtual for the time being, and will be closed groups of 5-6 people per group.

Adult Life Groups
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College Life Groups
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Join a Community Group

Open Enrollment for Life Group and Kairos 101 are now closed.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at
College Students: Please visit our College Ministry Page to sign up for Life Groups.

Life Group

Life Groups are weeknight groups that spend time
reflecting on the Sunday Sermon and how to apply the
Word of God to our lives. Open enrollment will be at the
beginning of each quarter.

Kairos 101

Kairos 101 is a cohort that goes through some of our core values. We will go through adapted material from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and Emotionally Healthy Relationships.  
Newcomers: this is a prerequisite to joining our life groups.

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Friday Night Bible Study

Friday Night Bible Study is a fellowship gathering that includes dinner, worship, inductive bible study, reflection, and prayer.
We are currently going through the Book of Acts. This group is open for anyone to join at any point throughout the year.

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Alpha is a six-week course that goes through important foundations about Christianity. Join us if you are
looking to go deeper in your relationship with God! Groups will form at different times of the year depending on interest.

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How do life groups work?

Our life groups will meet on weeknights (usually Wednesday or Thursday) in person - either in homes or at church (depending on the group). Our life groups consist of mixed life stages (post-college). We have limited space in each group, so once the life group is full, it will be closed until there is more space. At the start of each quarter, we have open enrollment for those who would like to join a life group. We ask that those who are new to our church first take Kairos 101, as it will be a pre-requisite to joining a life group. We are also asking members of each Life Group to sign a Life Group Agreement.

What is Kairos 101 and do I need to join this group?

Kairos 101 is a mid-week cohort led by a staff member that goes through some of the core values of ministry for Kairos Church. We are taking some adapted material from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and Emotionally Healthy Relationships by Peter Scazzero. The aim of Kairos 101 is to go deeper in exploring how we can Love God and Love Others. We believe that this cohort will be a good way to learn about Kairos and prepare people for fruitful relationships in life groups. Kairos 101 will be offered every quarter and will be a pre-requisite to joining life groups.

What are the basic requirements of a life group member?

We want to foster a group of individuals that are committed to one another on a weekly basis. We want our members to agree with one another to be present and engaged and be open to spur one another to a deeper love for God and for one another. Our hope is that by having these expectations and basic requirements, we will have a fruitful and life-giving life group. Members need to commit to attending life groups on a regular basis, attending Sunday Service on a regular basis, actively engage in discussion, be willing to receive biblical teaching, training, correction, and rebuke, and be present and willing to minister to one another.

What if someone cannot commit to attending weekly life groups?

That’s okay! We understand that some seasons of life are incredibly chaotic. There will be other opportunities to connect through fellowship events, Friday Night Bible study, open curriculum groups, seminars, and other workshops. When you are ready to commit to a life group, you are welcome to sign up during open enrollment.

When is open enrollment?

Generally speaking, we plan to have open enrollment in the months of September and January.


Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding our Life Groups. You can send us an email and someone will reply to your question as soon as possible.

We believe in a God who transforms lives, revives communities, and renews our world daily.

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